Culture is a collection of behaviors.


Whether working here or in the field, we will work safely.

  • Continually training ourselves and our employees.
  • Talking about it daily through tool-box talks, meetings and in conversation.
  • Looking out for each other.
  • Ensuring the safest possible work environment for the benefit of all employees.

Customer Focus

We put ourselves in the shoes of our customer and seek to exceed their expectations.

  • Working to make our customers’ jobs easier.
  • Our actions will earn the trust of our customer, whether that’s the end-user of our products or any other stakeholder in this business (fellow employee, supplier, shareholder, community).
  • Delivering a quality product with a sense of urgency in the process of doing so.
  • Seeking to keep things simple.


In all that we do, we’ll do what’s right.

  • Speaking truthfully regardless of the situation.
  • Assuming ownership of our personal roles and responsibilities.
  • Supporting each other in our efforts to achieve corporate and personal goals.
  • Seeking self-awareness of our strengths and weaknesses with a relentless pursuit of improvement.

Continual improvement

We’re passionate about what we do and will always seek ways to do it better.

  • Embracing change when proven to be appropriate.
  • Developing new ideas with an emphasis on thorough research and timely completion.
  • Seeking to be the technical leader in our field.
  • Being diligent in the management of company resources.

Faith & Family

we value faith and family.

  • Supporting each other during times of personal struggle.
  • Celebrating with each other in times of success.
  • Keeping a proper perspective as we aggressively pursue our corporate goals.
  • Seeking direction from God as we manage the resources He’s entrusted us with.

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