Control System Design at Kice Industries Control System Design / Systems Integration

Kice is experienced in control system design and systems integration. Our experienced team of engineers and programmers work closely with the customer to develop properly designed systems that will:

  • Minimize overall costs and enhance productivity.
  • Maximize energy efficiency.
  • Optimize plant operation.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Decrease direct labor cost.
  • Increase market competitiveness.

Programming at Kice Industries Programming

Kice Automation is a leader in process system programming. Our software engineers use straight-forward, streamlined programming techniques to optimize plant operation and provide real-time operational data.

We develop user friendly HMI interface screens that are simple to use and easy to follow.

Our solutions enable companies to synchronize their production data with business systems, which provides real time data for plant decision making.

Our programmers have expertise in the following industry leading software:


Documentation and Electrical Schematic at Kice Industries Documentation and Electrical schematic

Essential to any successful project is proper documentation and detailed electrical schematics. Our electrical drawings are comprehensive and easy to use. The following are generally included, and other documentation may be added as required:

  • Process and Instrumentation Diagram.
  • Control System Architecture.
  • Motor Control Diagram.
  • System I/O Diagrams.
  • Control Panel Layout with bills of material.
  • Power 1-line.
  • MCC 1-line.

UL Panel Fabrication at Kice Industries UL Panel Fabrication

Our panels are UL 508-A listed for Industrial Controls application. We have the experience, the know-how and understanding of both UL and NEC requirements to fabricate control panels to meet the highest degree of compliance. With over 25 years of control panel fabrication experience, Kice imbeds the latest industry knowledge and technologies in our control panel design while meeting all the UL and NEC requirements.

Electrical Installation Design at Kice Industries Electrical Installation

Working with our sub-contractors, Kice provides total turn-key solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Using our experience, we skillfully evaluate cost efficient techniques to provide functional, aesthetically pleasing, installations while following all applicable NEC or local code requirements.

Power Distribution Design at Kice Industries Project Management

Kice utilizes an integrated project management system that simplifies and streamlines every project, every time.

  • Create a collaborative attainable schedule and maintain it.
  • Create a Task list.
  • Analyze project progress.
  • Track time spent on each task.

Power Distribution Design at Kice Industries Support

With our support contracts we can support your plant. We are available 24/7 to provide superior technical service.

Kice Industries Bottom Line

We design systems that meet your production and business goals. We implement the right & up to date architecture to optimize your power & automation assets with predictive, and preventive maintenance methods.

We combine elements of your input and our experience for better solution and a build solid foundation for a successful operation.

We leverage the latest technologies to help you visualize, analyze, and optimize plant operation. We use the intelligence behind your data to drive quality and protect your brand.

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