Wood Industry

Kice Industries has worked in the wood industry for many years. However, in the last five to ten years the expansion of wood pellet production has provided the opportunity for Kice to use all of its abilities in the wood industry. Wood pellets are rapidly becoming a feasible, alternative energy solution for heating homes and for other industrial uses. Over the last several years Kice has worked with a number of customers who have large inventories of dry hardwood “waste” to design and build complete wood pelleting plants.

Typical project start in Kice’s engineering department where flow sheets, layout drawings and equipment specifications are prepared. Kice air systems are used for hammermill air assistance, cooler air assistance, aspiration, pneumatic conveying and general dust control.

Along with providing engineering and equipment, Kice Automation provides a complete electrical control package that includes electrical engineering, automation and wiring.

Kice also works with various other applications in the wood industry, most involving dust control and pneumatic conveying.  

Complete Wood Pellet Plant
in Somerset, KY




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