Oil Seed Processing Industry

Kice equipment is working daily in many different oil seed plants performing a variety of functions. Kice equipment is being used for cleaning product prior to storage, cleaning product prior to drying, conveying product pneumatically – both positively and negatively, providing suction on equipment and dust generating areas to provide dust control, providing vacuum sweeper systems in different work areas, as well as providing de-hulling systems for hi-protein meal.

The most notable and “uniquely Kice” application of equipment is using the Kice Multi-Aspirator® to separate/classify/”de-hull” soybeans. Kice Industries helped pioneer the process of making hi-protein meal by applying the Multi-Aspirator® to remove hulls from cracked bean “meats” over 50 years ago.

Kice de-hulling systems have been considered a standard in the industry for many years, extending also to sun flower seed cleaning and dehulling, cotton seed classifications, and classifications and cleaning of streams in other oil seed plants like peanut, canola, and cocoa.

By using the Kice laboratory, many of the major processors have developed and refined flows for their facilities around the world. These processes include improved cleaning flows, dehulling flows, finished product classification/improvements, transport of finished product – meal and pellets, and dust control on bulk load out.

Kice has prepared a soybean dehulling packet that is available upon request.  

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