Flour Milling Industry

The Kice family has been working in the wheat flour milling industry for approximately 75 years. “Bill” Kice was an experienced millwright in the 1930’s and his sons Jack, Russell, and Jim learned the trade at a young age. Today Bill Kice’s grandchildren and Great grandchildren (third & fourth generation) are serving the milling industry using skills and knowledge passed down from their forefathers.

Kice Industries’ entrance into the equipment manufacturing and system design started with the Kice Multi-Aspirator® to clean grain prior to milling. The Multi-Aspirator® was designed by “Bill” Kice and is unique in that there are no moving parts and the removal of contaminates is done with air.

Kice pioneered the use of pneumatic conveying in the flour milling industry by introducing positive displacement blowers to pressure convey product in small line sizes but large capacity.

In addition to positive pressure conveying systems Kice became a leader in total mill pneumatics by converting bucket elevator systems to negative pneumatics. The first mill conversions from bucket elevators to negative pneumatics were completed in the 1950’s for milling companies in Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma and Kansas. With the exception of the Kansas mill, these mills continue to operate today.

Through the years Kice has development a complete line of industrial air equipment, which includes pneumatic conveying, grain cleaning equipment, environment and process dust control, and large volume air stabilization system. Kice produces some grain milling equipment, which includes roller mills, bran dusters, and even a specialized purifier.

In 1992 Kice collaborated with Kansas State University to develop the Kice Shortflow® Unit flourmill. This unique milling flow originated and was patented by Kansas State University. The unique characteristic of the KSU milling flow is the reduced number of passages required to produce white flour.

Kice worked directly with Kansas State University on the flow development and refined the concept into a very marketable product. Since the inception in 1992 Kice has successfully produced over thirty units with production rates of 1,000 cwts/day up to 3500 cwts/day. To learn more about the KSU milling system please refer to that section in this web site.

With four generations of Kice family members working in the flour milling industry Kice has become the standard in air systems. It is safe to say that well over 90% of all flour produced in the United States passes through a piece of Kice Industries equipment. Kice not only has very loyal customers but Kice has also developed many true “friends” in the industry who have helped the family and business grow.

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